Let's Support Liberian Girl Students

$700.00 of $5,000.00 is raised.

Goal: Payment of annual tuition fees for female students who are successful in the 9th grade entrance exam and are in the top 100 and whose financial situation is not good. Children are deprived of their right to education because they cannot pay their annual tuition fees, which start at $40. School fees vary according to the district and the services provided by the school. Years of civil war in Liberia, the poorest country in the world, left 42% of children out of school. Only 20% of the students enrolled in primary school can complete secondary education, and here boys are generally preferred and girls are deprived of education. That's why this campaign is being held. When sufficient donations are collected, it is planned to cover the stationery, uniform and shoes expenses of the students with the money. (There is a stripe transaction fee of 2.9% + 30 cents)
organized by Help Liberia
2 years ago

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    I hope many other people would take this changes to help people who need

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    Thank you so much for organizing and giving us an opportunity to support the girls.

  • Mazlume Demirci
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  • Salih Kuk
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