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How Can I Get Involved?

Be a Vendor

Would you like to sell your products online while helping people in need through dedicating some portion of your sales? Register as a vendor to list your products on our marketplace and be part of the goodness!

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Be a Fund Organizer

Do you or your charity have a social cause that our ecosystem could support? Click below to register and create a campaign! Remember, you can have your campaign verified to receive funds from our marketplace!

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Be a Donor

Would you like to support the campaigns on our platform either through shopping on our marketplace or donating directly to a cause of your choice? Click below to open an account with us to track your donations, purchases, and for faster support!

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Three Ways To Support Our Causes

Donors can support campaigns in three ways!

Shop&FundMe brings a new, unique approach to how people donate. Our donors can buy goods on our marketplace where a % of sales get donated, buy digital gift cards where proceeds get fully donated or directly donate to our fund organizers

Why not help someone else in need when you shop? When you purchase anything on Shop&FundMe, our vendors will donate a predetermined % of the sale to either a fund organizer you choose, or a pool which will be distributed equally among our verified fund organizers.
Would you like to celebrate your significant other’s birthday? Send your mother a bunch of digital flowers with a message telling her how much you love her? Or, put a smile on your friend with a customized gift card? Either way, Shop&FundMe provides the fund organizers with a set of digital gift cards, from which they receive 100% of the proceeds, while you get to have the digital card sent to someone you love! Moreover, you can earn loyalty rewards from sponsored digital gifts on our platform!
Don’t have time for shopping? Would like to save the digital card for next time? Noproblem! Find the fund organizer you’d like to donate to, and donate instantly to help them raise their goal!

Our payment system

Our users’ privacy and the timely delivery of funds are our top priority. To ensure this, Shop&FundMe uses Stripe as its payment processing system. Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1, meaning it has the highest grade of payment processing security. With Stripe, all credit card information is encrypted and safely stored. Rest assured that your information is secure and safe with us!

If you would like to claim a refund, please click below to submit your request. It will be processed and appear in your bank account within 5-7 business days.

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